Monday, April 21, 2008


fuck what is it about z-list celebs and reality shows that just equals good bad tv?
those fucking people think they can do everything.
lose weight, survive ghost hunts, find love, perform magic,...etc...
its brilliant!
oh im totally done and washed out and havent worked for 20+ years but now i want you to watch a camera follow me around all day while i shop for cheese and get my nails done.
especially when they brawl.
now thats just plain ol good tv.
watching has-beens claw at each others eyes like fucking pumas.
so great!

term is over!
finals were brutal as shit.
i tore my new place UP.
so bad that i had to take pictures just to document the destruction.
it was kinda sad i had to do that to my new apartment after only living there for 2 weeks.
i effin love my new digs.
ill be bachelorette-fying the place up during my break.
im thinking pink and shag.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


i picked up my keys to my new place today.
im feeling goooooood.
but i totally shouldnt be blogging right now..with my final painting for kato due tomorrow.
im like 90% done.
but im taking a break and uploading some files off my camera so i can clear up some space.

iono how i feel about today.
i had a chat with jesse in class and realized that most men do think the same way.
men and women cant be friends because the guy always wants to sleep with the girl.
i guess it was true 'when harry met sally'
so why wouldnt it be true today?
he said he had the same conversation with his gf and she didnt believe him either -_-.
its hard for me to imagine that every guy friend i have wants to boink me.
i JUST dont think thats the case.
jesse did also say that im manly as shit.
ive got balls AND testicles.
maybe that helps.
i guess im very bro-y at school.
or maybe its just the way men are wired.
but i dont think that has anything to do with me personally.
men are just fickle.

as of right now i have two apartments.
i couldnt do any moving today because i was finishing up this god forsaken painting.
so im already into the 1st of the month over here =(.
luckily ray is being understanding and letting me spill over into april a little bit.
but i gotta really start making some trips over there after class tomorrow afternoon.
i havent really dont anything because i know as soon as i start packing shit will be everywhere and i wont be able to do any work.
so i sorta gotta do everything in one day.
fuck why did i sign up for this week 12??