Thursday, February 28, 2008

midterms = joys of sleeping on that nasty ass couch in front of the library.

yep i was knocked the fuck out on that shit for 3 hrs today waiting for my class to start. funny thing is when i woke up there was some guy on the other couch snoring and shit. i was like to be!

i cant believe its fucking mid term. ridiculous. my midterm for materials was the most disgusting, pink, shiny, DRAG piece of shit ive ever made. at one point i really had to stop and look at it and think...damn i just made paris hilton a dildo. fuck a nut.
so i started with my wood spindle that i made on the lathe and i sliced that shit up and painted it..then i lasercut acrylic squares to glue onto the slices then spiral stacked them to create this stripper nightmare.

from this...

to THIS! FABulous!

then i missed my tuesday class because of...reasons...-_-...and had to make it up wednesday i ended up with 6 hrs to kill at school before my night class. so lame. i wanted to sleep so badly but didnt wanna drive home then come back...which is prolly what i shoulda done. whatever. ive got this elvis piece due tomorrow for design 2. it looks pretty awesome. not that im to blame for that. the man is GORGEOUS. hell yea thats what i need. my very own elvis to sing me to sleep. love me tender baby. take me to heartbreak hotel. N-E-time.

then friday i have my final copy of my sans serif restaurant logo to present. i redid Jerry's Famous Deli. that shit took way too long to ink. omGAH. hand done lettering is like the fat pustuling boil on your ass that you just cant reach.

oh gawd i have my 3rd term review next wednesday. i cant believe its been almost a year since i started art center. that is outrageous.

on a brighter note..
i was really really happy for about an hour today when i thought i had found the absolute PERFECT place to live. oh man. it was a dream. too good to be true...cuz it WAS. someone had already taken at the beginning of term. damn u whoever u are! i guess that note wasnt too bright either...

how about...i friggin LOVE steaming vanilla chai with my homemade banana bread. oh my GAH you have NO idea what youre missing. so good you'll suck a dick =)

i must be off now. the mind is strong but the body is totaled.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hackin, procrastinatin, and random pictures.

i think im coming down with some bullshit hack.
although since ive stopped smoking i can feel a significant difference in the degree of phlegm and burning.
i should be working on digistration stuff but i reeeeally dont wanna.
sketching was a pain today.
4 hrs of critiquing. JEEEEEZ...
heres my master copy...
sargents ' head of a capri girl '
took about 12 hrs.
still could use like 3 more i think...oh well..

heres some different angles of my laser cut project for materials from last week.
i cut out my name.
my professor said it looks like what letters do on their day off.
cool ill take it.

an old school pic...
from 1st term..
my final project for comp and drawing.
it was a ukiyo-e inspired painting done for the new yorker magazine with a greek mythology theme. it was....fucking CRAZY to deal with....

from 2nd term...
and THIS is what i did to my coffee cups during modernism every fucking monday morning......-_-....
and probably also why she gave me a B-..

and finally....
pics with gary meyer on the last day of school during 2nd term...

isnt he the cutest little man!!!!
last week i went to see him lecture for the club working title and after the lecture i was like 'i love you gary!!' and hes like 'oh! i love you too!' and then he poked some guy standing next to him and was like 'heh heh...its valentines day'

ok ive wasted enough time...
i think i need to start working...ugggggh.
i hate it i hate it!

im fucking irritated and depressed as this moment stands.. sigh...
we'll see if this changes before i go to bed....-_-....

Sunday, February 17, 2008


took the parents to school today.
i think im in the process of moving again.
fuck a nut.
i move every fucking term.
i just cant deal with alla the bullshit right now.
between my parents house in irvine and my place in alhambra and all the places in between i just cant keep my shit together.
im not sure what it is.
im just so fucking drained right now.
one day im up and the next im so down.
a tepid middle just doesnt exist in my fucked up life.
its 2 am.
im in irvine watching pay it forward on tbs.
fuck this movie is depressing as shit.
ive got a lotta work to do.
i gotta knock out this sargent master copy tomorrow.
and i have to make up for not going to digistration last week.
due to the absolute joy that is jury duty.
aaand do this weeks assignment.
i freegin hate that class.
i hate d2 as well but i fucking rocked that shit this week.
hell yes i surely did.

god this movie is a surefire way to the bottom of a kleenex box.
fuck you kevin.
fuck you haley joel.

i had such good intentions of putting up pictures of my line and dot project.
but my card reader wont work on this computer.
im proud of that big waste of time. =)
i was in the lab at school working til 1.
then as i was speeding down the hill i got pulled over. -_-.
he said i rolled through the red light when i turned right.
and one of my break lights are out.
i already forget which one.
but i was careful to be ever so grateful that he put me in the know.
then i went home to mount my shit together...and went to bed around 3.
i set my alarm for 6 and woke up at 9:58.
the second i awoke to sunlight in my face i realized something was up.
then i actually laid in bed for like a minute and a half to dwell in the fact that i was fucked sideways.
then i proceeded to cut my regular 30 minute morning routine down to 7.
well long story short i got to my 5 hour class 4 hrs late.
and ended up with the 2nd highest grade on my project.

i love late night infomercials.
and the stupid shit they sell.
theres this craft lite cutter that just drives me to shits everytime i see it.
its a stupid fucking paper cutter.
'are you tired of not being able to cut straight lines with scissors?'
and this bitch cuts the most outrageous line ever lols.
and then 'and those regular paper cutters are ok but you can never tell exactly where its gonna cut!'
and she cuts this photo like 4 inches away from the line.
fucking great!

fuck this movie.
rip my guts out.

its 4 now.
i really should be asleep.
murder at 1600 is on now.
fuck i wanna watch it.

good night.