Wednesday, May 28, 2008


doing mah weeklies for inventive drawing.
this week was thumper.
basically we just take the character and make up 30 (quick) poses for them.

heres a page i half cheated on.
(i watched a clip from the movie)

heres one that just OOZES cuteness.

and heres my favorite.
how i feel during lectures sometimes.

yea yea i know.
they're not perfect but i had a go and im really feeling that blue col-erase pencil.
next week is bambi and lady (lady and the tramp).
make up 40 heads/expressions.
i am LOVING these weeklies and i cant wait to sit my ass down and doodle.

after finishing my first year at art center i'm finally beginning my core track classes.
im having a ball in this class and sketching for entertainment.

i had a chat with mike humphries today (lion king, hunchback) and got the word that the school wont offer him full time.

fuck what douchebags.

i can now doodle thumpers in my sleep.
me and him are like thiiiiiis.

me diz-nuh-fied!

hmm if i were a disney character i think itd go a lil summin like this...

course im not really keen on how to properly DRAW cynicism but fer now it'll do.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

3rd term finals recap.

today was the first day of 4th term.
heres what the damage looks like.

monday: 8-1 analytical figure drawing
tuesday: 9-12 creative strategies 12-3 art of research
wednesday: 8-1 inventive drawing 2-7 sketching for entertainment
thursday: 12-3 history and principles of vis comm.

i finally have fridays off. glory glory!
i checked the workshop schedule for this term and its complete ass.
theres only figure workshops on monday, wednesday and friday.

ok so as i promised..
here is what finals looked like last term.

monday: materials of art and design
final: independent
process: i sculpted an anchor out of armature and sclupey

and then had it cast in bronze at a foundry

"i" was done at that point.
but he wanted a stand and a story to go with it so i made this stupid thing.
the nails around the anchor were holding it down but i ripped them apart and took the anchor out before i took this picture so thats why it looks all messed up.

time spent: 10 hrs.
cost: around $100
damage to apartment: minimal (all done in model shop at school)
damage to self: i smashed my thumb with the hammer once and the anchor was sitting on the floor leaning up against my wall and it fell over on my foot. that effin thing weighs like 5 pounds.
final grade: A-

tuesday: sketching for illustration
final: 'crime scene' painting (it was due week 12 thank god.)
time spent: lost least 40 from concept to finish
cost: 4 sleepless nights
damage to apartment: minimal paint splatters
damage to self: only to my health
final grade: B+

wednesday: digital illustration
final: character development project. 2 products. 1 soft good and 1 hard good.
process: my character was fat superman.


my hard good was a 'donut plate'

and my soft good was a big body pillow

he swore there was a sewing machine on campus but i asked and it was nowhere to be found.
so i did that shit by HAND. took fucking 6 hours.
bloody fucking murder.

time spent: altogether 12 hrs.
cost: $30
damage to apartment:
damage to self: countless pricks on that fucking needle
final grade: A-

and i also had to design a paper toy for this class a few weeks before and this was my finished project...

the print outs

the finished rabbit

thursday: design 2
final: 3D abstraction of selected theme based on a cube.
process: this shit took up my entire life for the last two weeks of term.
and it still turned out shitty.
well it was fine until one of the guys in shop decided to come by and ruin it. fucking tards. he was suppose to be an 'expert' at gluing acrylic together. trust, he is NOT.

my theme was Earth and Water.
my idea was to make a cube globe. wood = earth and acrylic = water.
the globe is actually inverted so the world sorta exists on the inside of itself.
i took sizes of circular and square dowels and worked my design accordingly over a world map. then i laser cut the acrylic sides at 97.5%. i measured, cut and sanded all my wood and fit them into the acrylic. everything is FRICTION FIT. there is no glue used to hold the wood and acrylic together. the only gluing was to secure the cube together at the seams in the end. and thats when the shit hit the fan. i was 4 hrs late trying to fix that fuckholes mistake. its ok. i got an A =)

time spent: omg...30+ hrs. in those 14 days alone i was in the model shop more than in my entire life. i saw those shop guys more than ive seen my parents all term.
cost: around $80 i think
damage to apartment: it doesnt look so bad but there was major potential for disaster with those fucking dowels rolling around everywhere

damage to self: on the morning of, i was hacking away on the band saw (for the non-artsies, a band saw is exactly what it sounds like. its a saw in the form of a band thats wrapped around a motor and cuts pretty much anything.) and i guess my hand slipped and i hit my index finger against the blade. it caught my ring and i flicked my hand away.

check out the damage next to that dot on the left.

i was already running late but i really had to stop for a second and realized what almost happened to my finger.

battle wounds baby.

final grade: A-

friday: expressive typography
final: CD cover
process: i chose elvis (duh) and designed this text (all done by hand)...

final cover (little blurry)..

time spent: 10 hrs
cost: just printing fees
damage to apartment: none
damage to self: none
final grade: A

and it all adds up to...
at the END of finals week...

my computer desk:

my drafting table:

and my glorious brand new apartment:

i tore my shit UP.

ive been at ac for a year and ive never walked into the fine arts gallery. (for my own...ahem...reasons) but during break from sketching on the final day this is what i discovered was in there...

there was a new installation and from the outside this is all you can see...

but once you go inside the gallery this is what was behind the sheet..

a HUGE fucking 30 people bed.

i have no idea who did it but NEVER has there been a more appropriate project during finals week.
it was bliss.

i saw iron man yesterday.
it was ok.
a few parts made me tickle.
damn RD jr. got CUUUUUT for that movie.
i know a certain someone else who looks just as good and better =)
and the man sings!
anyhoo now my schedule is all off key.
i was doing the 2-2 thing like everyone else (sleeping 2am to 2pm) for most of break and now my internal clock is severely hung over.
i must recoop now.
according to up there i have 9am class.