Wednesday, May 28, 2008


doing mah weeklies for inventive drawing.
this week was thumper.
basically we just take the character and make up 30 (quick) poses for them.

heres a page i half cheated on.
(i watched a clip from the movie)

heres one that just OOZES cuteness.

and heres my favorite.
how i feel during lectures sometimes.

yea yea i know.
they're not perfect but i had a go and im really feeling that blue col-erase pencil.
next week is bambi and lady (lady and the tramp).
make up 40 heads/expressions.
i am LOVING these weeklies and i cant wait to sit my ass down and doodle.

after finishing my first year at art center i'm finally beginning my core track classes.
im having a ball in this class and sketching for entertainment.

i had a chat with mike humphries today (lion king, hunchback) and got the word that the school wont offer him full time.

fuck what douchebags.

i can now doodle thumpers in my sleep.
me and him are like thiiiiiis.

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M Lo said...

Hey, Weston is making us Comp + dawing kids do 30 Thumpers too!

I'm stealing some of yours.