Wednesday, September 10, 2008


well i guess i neglected this thing long enough.
so to catch up to speed...

term 4 ended.
break started.
break ended.
and term 5 started today.

my schedule:

monday: off
tuesday: 8-1 creative perspective
wednesday: 9-1 image and idea [im pretty sure its 8-1 but it says 9 on my schedule so im showing up at 9.] 2-7 style
thursday: 8-1 color theory for entertainment
friday: 130-530 language of the moving image
saturday: class at LAAFA

oh and for the rest of the month ill be painting kiddies faces at south coast plaza on weekends.

break went by fast as usual.
nothing big was going on.
went to two dodger games.
going to my last one of the season on the 20th.
i heart manny ramirez! go 99!

i need to goto bed -_-.
i shouldnt have taken that nap when i got home from class. siiigh.
my hairs still wet =/
man...i wanna cut it.
i should cut it.
but im way too attached to it.

more updates with pictures soon..


1 comment:

Aaron said...

When you say cut it, do you mean cut it yoself or have someone else cut it? Cause you crazy if you cut it yoself! J/K