Sunday, February 17, 2008


took the parents to school today.
i think im in the process of moving again.
fuck a nut.
i move every fucking term.
i just cant deal with alla the bullshit right now.
between my parents house in irvine and my place in alhambra and all the places in between i just cant keep my shit together.
im not sure what it is.
im just so fucking drained right now.
one day im up and the next im so down.
a tepid middle just doesnt exist in my fucked up life.
its 2 am.
im in irvine watching pay it forward on tbs.
fuck this movie is depressing as shit.
ive got a lotta work to do.
i gotta knock out this sargent master copy tomorrow.
and i have to make up for not going to digistration last week.
due to the absolute joy that is jury duty.
aaand do this weeks assignment.
i freegin hate that class.
i hate d2 as well but i fucking rocked that shit this week.
hell yes i surely did.

god this movie is a surefire way to the bottom of a kleenex box.
fuck you kevin.
fuck you haley joel.

i had such good intentions of putting up pictures of my line and dot project.
but my card reader wont work on this computer.
im proud of that big waste of time. =)
i was in the lab at school working til 1.
then as i was speeding down the hill i got pulled over. -_-.
he said i rolled through the red light when i turned right.
and one of my break lights are out.
i already forget which one.
but i was careful to be ever so grateful that he put me in the know.
then i went home to mount my shit together...and went to bed around 3.
i set my alarm for 6 and woke up at 9:58.
the second i awoke to sunlight in my face i realized something was up.
then i actually laid in bed for like a minute and a half to dwell in the fact that i was fucked sideways.
then i proceeded to cut my regular 30 minute morning routine down to 7.
well long story short i got to my 5 hour class 4 hrs late.
and ended up with the 2nd highest grade on my project.

i love late night infomercials.
and the stupid shit they sell.
theres this craft lite cutter that just drives me to shits everytime i see it.
its a stupid fucking paper cutter.
'are you tired of not being able to cut straight lines with scissors?'
and this bitch cuts the most outrageous line ever lols.
and then 'and those regular paper cutters are ok but you can never tell exactly where its gonna cut!'
and she cuts this photo like 4 inches away from the line.
fucking great!

fuck this movie.
rip my guts out.

its 4 now.
i really should be asleep.
murder at 1600 is on now.
fuck i wanna watch it.

good night.

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