Saturday, March 15, 2008

friday night blues.

they're never all that great but this friday night has been particularly bad. im not sure why. type got out a little early and i went to workshop for a little bit. i had good intentions to stay but ended up chatting with gary meyer outside. he told me about his curriculum a little bit when he went to art center and about the classes he's going to be teaching this summer. and i rambled about my stupid meaningless crap. its so freaking easy to talk to that man. i just want to pour my achy breaky little heart all out to him. i bet a hug from gary meyer cures cancer.

after that i chatted with larry about his misfortunes this term. it's wierd. we have sketching together every week but we never talk in that class. when i saw him tonight i felt like i hadn't seen him in weeks. must be because im always so damn burnt out in that class. yeesh.

well after that i packed it up and went home. in my car i felt this wierd discomforting need to go and 'do something' like i really wanted to go to a starbucks and veg out on caffeine and sit and doodle for a few hours. or barnes and noble. but it was like 930 and i decided against it. but for some reason this friday night was unusually lonely for me. i know i have tons of homework but i just didnt feel like doing any of it. and i really didnt want to go home and deal with...that...but i did.


i stayed home and watched movies and doodled in my brand spanking new sketchbook. its my greatest fucking joy in life... cracking open a brand new sketchbook and totally tearing that shit up with my sillyness. call it pathetic i dont give a care. that is my bliss. and according to joseph campbell, i should be following it.

goodnight champs.
ill say a little prayer for yaw.

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