Monday, June 9, 2008


i am an anatomy hound.
im so into this right now you have no idea.
im ready to just peel the skin off my legs.
or i could just go to this.
either way i need to see some muscols!

some studies from class.

muscles renderings (40% overlay on ps)

meanwhile ive been trying to keep up with my break doodles.
during the little 5 mins model breaks i tend to draw stupid little characters to amuse and keep myself awake. there are probably hundreds of these things in all my biggie pads. i use to cut them out during first term but ive become lackadaisical with it.

doodle of our model Dick

doodle of some girl in class
(anyone whose seen this knows exactly who im talking about haha)

and for inventive...
one more thumper.

and ladys

this weeks assignment is 30 pin-ups.
right up my alley.
i probably already have 30 just randomly in my sketchbook.
but heres a ruff i did today in workshop.

and finally...
ive been sneaking into gary meyers advanced sketching class to do caricatures from the models each week after analytical. i love doing these. i just hope the models never see them =).

i went to the dodger game on friday.
they owned those cubbies so bad.
yea! those are my BOYS!
then i caught kung fu panda on saturday.
oh man ive been hyping up that movie everyday for like 6 months.
and i was NOT disappointed.
my socks were indeed knocked off.
i cant STAND jack black.
but no one could have voiced Po better.
i give it up to tha man.
but my favorite is master oogway.
cept he was suppose to have a sidekick. a tiny little snail that sat on the end of his staff.
too bad he didnt make it to final cut.
man the characters on this were NUTS.
big ups to my man Nico.
that guy can DRAW.
oh em gee.

my next big hype movie of COURSE is dark night.
i do wanna watch wallE but im not gonna fight the opening day crowd for that shit.
it looks OK. not great.
and im excited for hellboy.
but that poster of joker gives me chills every time.
hype hype hype!!!

back to my pin ups.
bring on the sexay ladies.

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