Thursday, June 12, 2008


ah the whores.
or hoo-ers as someone likes to call em.
so i was terribly wrong in my attempts this week.
it was suppose to be 30 pin ups following either dean yeagle or chris sanders exact style.
i could have SWORN he also told me if i wanted to invent my own that was ok too.
but whatever.
these were fine.

in sketching for entertainment we had an assignment where we had to design around a theme. the themes were...something about a door in a room...a kite...a submarine...and a raft. the stories were very brief and vague so you had room for creative diarrhea. i chose to do the raft. the story was about some boys catfishing on a raft on the mississippi.

heres the rough layout.

its whatever.
i have major issues with composition in my work. as in there is none. thats why i took this class so that i would be forced to draw 'stuff' not just characters. overall i think i did ok. he mentioned that i needed more immediate foreground elements and i should drop my horizon a little and put in more shadows to show the underside of the tree.

i like my raft though. i had fun drawing it. it came out pretty much like how i envisioned it.

ehhh sorry the pictures are so washed out.
i just snap these with my crappy camera.

and life drawings from inventive.

i wasnt planning on going to history of viscom tomorrow cuz i had a lunch date. but theres a stupid illustration department meeting i have to go to. ugh. i might as well goto viscom for an hr. im heading back to irvine tomorrow night for an early fathers day dinner. then ive gotta hurry back friday afternoon to make it to painting workshop. also theres another student government meeting. apparently we're deciding on a plausible way to crash the board of trustees meeting next week. drama drama drama.

read all about it in the los angeles times.
alongside that douchecock picture of the president of our school.

this weekend is going to be full of painting, workshops, and mother-effing breakthroughs.
im on it.

or not.


M Lo said...

aw, i wish will made us do hoo-ers. he sure does love yeagle and sanders a lot...maybe too much.

but your life drawings humble me

that illustration meeting yesterday was kind of a waste of my life. I want that hour back.

Dilanka S said...

The last life drawing rocks. The rest I cant see Them! More clear pictures next time. Also watch out for perspective when things come closer to you.

Aaron said...

Those hoo-ers, are HOT! mam-say mama saa moo makoo saa!!. Good stuff Nicole.