Thursday, July 10, 2008

bday blues

its been a while.
i havent had the chance to update on accounta i got a new laptop but no cs3 yet so havent been able to edit any pictures of recent work.
loads to tell and bitch about.
but its been a long mother of a day.
its not good to wanna die on your birthday.
i would say that the first 21 hours of today blew to new levels of lame-ness.
i had a ruff day on tuesday that i wont get into now.
i apologize to anyone who felt that ice cold shudder from my demeanor today.
it wasnt so much that i was 'sad'. i was just quiet.
i guess for me thats pretty much the same thing.
if nicole is quiet she must have some shit eating her up on the inside.
bleh bleh bleh.
i got over it in the last 3 hrs of the day and managed to have a decent birthday.
i got a few of the best presents anyone has ever given me.
that helped =).
and a nice text message from an old friend always makes ur day a little nicer.

aaron [spurg] asked me wtf i was doing at school on my birthday.
heh. ill be asking you the same shit the day your baby is scheduled for birthing.
'spurg wtf why aint you at the hospital?'
'sonly 3 centimeters dilated. i got time.'
cmoooon you of all people know we 'art centerians' have no decent lives outside those automatic sliding doors.
kudos on the baby news though!
you got cherself a production baby!
spurg, bless his heart.
hes the only person in existance [including myself] that actually reads my blogs.
sorry i missed your portfolio today.
i tore out of sketching early to revamp my head.
next time!

so all in all.. aside from the 8 hours of pure torture i put myself through attempting to act 'normal' in class today [ thank you Will for letting me out early ] still say it was a win for me this year.
last years birthday had the shadow of scholarship week upon it and the iconic image of me slaving away another all nighter to finish some crack pot assignment for a douche cock professor.
this years no different cept im caring a whole mess less.
few might ponder how thats even possible.
i havent even begun to not care.

but thank you to those that remembered today for me.
im sorry i was unpleasant but i am truly grateful for those few seconds you spent on my best wishes. thank you for proving that without facebook i might have even forgotten today. my artsy school chums are the best. thank you guys =))))

and now its nearing 4 am and im about to wind up my new beauty and the beast musical snowglobe, change into my new oswald tshirt, and break in my new mickey mouse blanket

clearly i am the EASIEST person to shop for. ever.

i am one year older and another year closer to lying about my age.

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