Tuesday, July 15, 2008

playing picture 'ketchup'

i still dont have cs3 on my laptop but im getting picture overload so im editing on my pc.
i fucking hate all mac keyboards. wtF is wrong with them.
i can feel the carpal tunnel creeping up.

so... updates..
oh man.
theres some shit i COULD say.
but i wont.
seeing as how previous experiences has taught me better than to go willy nilly and post incriminating comments on the internet.
nuff of that.

lets just go in order.

monday - anal-ytical.
im not sure what the final project will be.
so far all we've done is muscle studies and a whole lotta them.
i loves me some anatomy.
lemme just say...if you cant draw to begin with..this class will do nothing for you cept waste your mondays.
and if youre not willing to put in your own time outside of class then you wont get shit from it.
my sunday nights are always spent staying up til the crack of dawn fanning through like 6 different anatomy books to get that shit accurate.

some studies from class.

tuesday - art of research.
this class is definitely going to test my last-minute-miracle-project skills.
plus ive missed 3 classes already.
the first one i was out of town.
the second one was when there was a forum at school and she said we could go but then i didnt go back to class afterwards.
the third was last week when i saw a sign on the door that said 'blackwell - art of research - canceled' and took off without realizing it was for MONDAYS class. fuck me.

wednesday - inventive drawing
im having doubts about my grades in westons classes. i heard hes an easy grader but iono...
so far ive only missed one hw assignment so i guess its not terrible.
i am NOT enjoying the 1 minute poses we've been getting in class the last 3 weeks.

heres a little doodle i did in class because i was so fucking sick of what we were doing.
im trying to do one of everyone in class without being all creepy and staring.

wednesday - sketching for entertainment
if there was ever a class to get a C in, its this one. so far i've missed 3 classes.
the first one i was out of town.
the second one i was with my dad and didnt make it back in time.
the third one was last week when i was a suicide risk on my birthday and he let me go home in the beginning of class.
during week 8 and 9 i missed like 4 classes. -_-.
plus i just plain suck at layout.
i have no idea why i took this class.

heres the final sketch for my 'tree-house' assignment.
its a pirate ship/house -_-.
its kinda terrible...

a few weeks ago Bob Singer came to lecture and stopped by Mike Humphries' Style class so we sat in. in the end he did a little doodle of pebbles for me =)

thursday - history of viscomm
o m g this class is like the thorn in my weekday ass.
its just the whole concept of what the class is suppose to be about.
this would be one of the 4 classes i missed last week.
i just cant muster up the strength to drive all the way to school for two hours of sitting in a dark room.
plus its at the end of my week so it gives me even more incentive to stay home and have a 4 day weekend =D.

workshop sketches

doodle of sarah from adv. sketching

heres some type stuff from last term i never put up.

brush techniques. 'dracula'

final logo design concept. 'jerrys famous deli'
omg the matzo ball soup is fucking amazing.
i would drive all the way to studio city for that shit.

i was flipping through my old sketchbooks and found these two that i liked.
both from 1st term, a year ago!

on sunday i was at my parents for my birthday and was doing copies out of my lion king book.
i did a few hyenas and then i did this copy of this great drawing by mike surrey.
it was such a good scene in the movie.
fuck timon is hard to draw to make him look right. -_-
i bow down.

k thats it.
not very exciting.
ive been in a funk lately.
or at least in and out of it.
fucking rollercoaster.
i NEVER feel on TOP of things.
i feel weak and vulnerable.
like i'll be fine one second and then losing my freaking mind the next.

some people think they CANT hurt me or some shit.
like im this big fucking hollow rock chiseled out of sarcasm and spite.
like i chase my whiskey down with rusty nails.
fuck get real.
i have emotions.
maybe i dont let you in on them but that doesnt mean they're not there.

im still a girl you assholes.

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Aaron said...

Hey Nicole, great new drawings. You going to be on campus on Wednesday? We'll talk, hang in there friend, people tell me that I'm always smiling but sometime that's just to hide pain. Being an artist is a widely misunderstood occupation, but with your talent its obvious you were put on this earth to be an artist. Anyway I'll talk to you soon.